Sign up to the HIE of One Directory

For Clinician access to consenting Trustee health records, you'll need a smartphone with the uPort app installed first.

Then add your NPI to your uPort app through the Doximity credential verification site

After you register with the uPort app, the form fields will then populate with your information.

Clinician Note: This information will be logged by the patient's Trustee when you use uPort to sign-in as a clinician. For your privacy, HIE of One does not store any clinician information. Your activity is logged with the specific patient's Trustee and timestamped on a blockchain in case of dispute.

Clinician Note: The patient's Trustee is patient-controlled and may not be available to you in case of dispute. HIE of One recommends you retain your own records for legal purposes. You can do that in your existing system or by installing your own NOSH practice management system (coming soon).